Monday, July 30, 2012

Guest Poster: Chris Reed on Utah's Evolution

How's this for a pre-season thought parade?

How much has Utah Football changed in 15 years? Let's take a semi-iconic moment from The Holy War and just run a course of what has happened since then...

Well on November 23, 1996 Kautai Olevao slobberknocked Ronney Jenkins, but Utah lost the game
Now, on that day had you told me the following would be Utah Football on 10/1/2011...

Utah would go 10-6 against BYU after that day
Utah would go to 12 bowl games
Win 9 of them, IN a row
Including the Sugar, AND Fiesta Bowls
Your current Defensive Coordinator would become your Head Coach
Only after serving 2 years under some Receivers Coach at Notre Dame who would put Utah Football into another orbit
That some 5'8" 100lb kid at Bonita Vista Middle School in San Diego would be the QB of the rocket ship after getting recruited by only ONE other D-I school. 
That the same kid would be drafted into the NFL #1 overall
The BYU Offensive Coordinator that year would become your Offensive Coordinator in 2011
In year 1 of the PAC12 Conference
Which the U is now a member of
The QB coach and future Offensive Coordinator would be some 9 year old in Houston
The same 9 year old would be MVP of your Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama
The Receivers Coach is a guy who is a redshirt WR for the blue team across the field
Utah's SR defensive end that day would become the current Defensive Line Coach
Working under a BYU fullback on a mission who is now the Defensive Coordinator
With some kid on the Highland High roster as the Safeties Coach
With a guy playing at Ricks as the Special Teams Coordinator
And that you'd lose your home Pac-12 opening game against the same BYU QB (now coach at Washington) who beat you that day throwing a whopping 12 passes
In a stadium that doesn't give your ass splinters
With an Olympic Torch behind a TV Screen
Where standing room only tickets are sold out...

I'd have told you that to save time, I could kick you in the groin right there, and save you 15 years of disappointment.